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accomplished his escape. And, so, said our
mothers, ever since that time the old people have
told the young ones to take good care of their
feet; to anoint them and rub them every night,
ahd to hold them to the fire to supple them when

Every Indian has from six to ten wolf-dogs In
his camp, and to teach us to be kind to our dogs3
our mothers used to tell us this legend:

Once upon a time a warrior and his camp left
the main tribal camp to go out hunting. In one
of the teepees of this warrior's camp was a dog
with a litter of puppies. She was an ugly, woolly
little dog. One evening about dusk this little
mother dog went out to a near-by slough to get
a drink of water. She came back and went
among her pups, but Instead of lying down and
feeding them, she nosed them about and looked
at the occupants of the teepee and then nosed them

Suddenly the dog spoke. She said: CI love my
little ones because they are ugly, and I should
hate to see them come to any harm/

The warrior was alarmed. He said: 'Now that
you can talk, tell us what you mean.'

The dog said that while she was out drinking
at the slough some one struck her in the ribs, and
she saw a bunch of enemy Indians.

clf you tell us what you know, your puppies will